What’s the best bit about your job:


The best bit, we are working in a great young team full of energy and years of experience in this Tramuntana coastline and for chore meeting different people every day.


Favourite place to visit:


My favourite place to visit are the mountains and the amazing little bays that the Baleares have to offer.


Funny stories:


too many to say in one line, just hop on board relax and they will come flowing out by the end of your charter.




Started sailing on an old square schooner from Amsterdam to Lisbon. Later on, crossed the Atlantic towards the Caribbean. There I worked for a Danish project vessel LIVIT a steel ketch, the project rehabilitates 3 young kids teaching them the ropes and tricks of sailing. Moved to Mallorca in 2007 where I started sailing for company's doing week charters around the islands. The road to become a good Capitan is long and slow but worth every mile off it. Had the opportunity to sail a boat back from Panama to Mallorca, that was a long rough trip. Later, I started working for G adventures, a Canadian travel company , there I have been in charge of a 50 foot sailing vessel and sailed every week for 7 months new clients around the Cyclades islands in Greece. Did some deliveries here and there on the globe.  And then family came around the corner, as well a new family MEZZO MAGIC and Magic happened 8 happy years working alongside creating happy customers and building the company to higher atmospheres.


I’m a man living the day Pura Vida the sea changed my life and it became a part of all my family as we purchased a unit sailing boat where we live on ,located in the most beautiful bay of Mallorca. I cant complain as we float on the most beautiful swimming pool.


Years worked for PC: 


I can’t remember as time fly's having fun at work. 7 or 8 years, can’t believe it myself.