What’s the best bit about your job?


Meeting people on holidays, in a family team


Where is your favourite place to visit in Mallorca?


Serra Tramuntana


Any stories?

For me, a good day is when the customers start the day saying they want to: snorkel, paddleboard, try the seabob, spot dolphins, sunbath, cliff jump, drink like a fish, eat fish, feel like a fish in a pond when paddle boarding, ... Well, they want to do everything, and you seem to be the only one to realise it’s just impossible. It doesn’t make much sense I would even say. “C’est la vie” but you can’t tell them. You can still feel the stress of their working life, all is questions, problems, timing. Here   is   your   challenge:   without   them   to   notice, you   will   help   them   to   disconnect,  to   have   an “Hakuna Matata” day, to seize all the beauty of the sea, the sun, the island and chill, finally. The best award is when you can even hear them asking for staying in the same anchorage, leaving the next spot for another trip because it’s simply gooooorgeous here ;)


How many years have you worked at PC?


3 years