What’s the best bit about your job?


That it’s a never-ending loop, make passengers happy makes me happy.


Where is your favourite place to visit in Mallorca?


It’s absolutely a secret. 


Any stories?


One of this magic days: The sun shining, not even a cloud in the horizon and the sea like a mirror. We went to S’estaca slowly by engine as it was absolutely no point to open the sails, the air was just stuck. After having snacks and few drinks, a tiny breeze started, I proposed to go sailing at least for a while knowing than that breeze will not be for a long. We sailed for around an hour when the air came back, we let us float in the middle of the Mediterranean sea like a nutshell, enjoying and appreciating all that flat sea with the magic mountains of Mallorca as adorning our exquisite plat. Then was the time for a not very often question, would you like to swim in the deepest blue sea you will never see? Everyone very enthusiastic said yes! Mask on and jump! Two minutes later, I felt like someone jumped into the water from the boat, I looked around and there was four people that were already in the sea, and the other 3 on the deck. All of us get a little confused about that, as we all felt it, and by surprise to everybody a huge dolphin jumped next to the boat!! Knowing glances, big smiles and excitement all at the same time! It was the moment to suggest we turn the engine on and go to see if they would like to play with boat. Everyone agreed so there we went. Perfect speed, straight course and patience. We started to see one dolphin, then a second one, a third one, four, five, six... impossible to count them! They were playing with the bow, jumping around, and doing all the pirouettes they like to show us! Believe in connections or not, each one can do it. I do it!!!


How many years have you worked at PC?


3 years.